night – a performance for piano & light

Investigation on combining piano performance & light in a narrative of a journey of contemplation and dreams through the night.

Work presented to the public on Monday 9th March 2015, 7:00 pm, and Tuesday 10th March 2015, 8:30 pm, at Oxford Brookes Drama Studio.


Music Programme:

L. van Beethoven – Sonata Op. 27 n. 2 (Moonlight), 1st mov

H. Villa-Lobos – The Three Maries

J. Cage – Dream

O. Gough – Staring into the Abyss

C. Debussy – Le Fées sont d’exquises danseuses

T. Takemitsu – Rain Tree Sketch I



Team (with many thanks!):

Piano, concept, light design, programmes: Késia Decoté

Lights performance: Russell Anderson

Piano coaching: Andrew Claxton

Photo and Video documentation: Pier Corona

Hospitality: Veronica Cordova

Poster:  Bruno Guastalla


Creative process:

– Narrative structure:

. Scene 1: Moonlight

. Scene 2: Stars

. Scene 3: Dreams

. Scene 4: Nightmare

. Scene 5: Sweet dreams

. Scene 6: Dawn

– Sketches:

Light and Shadow

– Rehearsal (January 2015):



kesia poster 9th march.slightly modified


MusicinOxford_Upcoming Events | Night – A Performance For Piano And Light @ Drama Studio, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford |

MeetUp_Night – a performance for piano and light – Oxford Arts Group (Oxford, England) – Meetup


Performance Documentation

– Day 1 (Monday 9th March 2015, 7pm)


1. Moonlight (Beethoven: ‘Moonlight Sonata’)


2. Stars (Villa-Lobos: ‘The Three Maries’)


3. Dream (Cage: ‘Dream’)

Kesia day 1_nightmare1_still

4. Nightmare (Gough: ‘Staring into the Abyss’) (still from video documentation)

Kesia day 1_sweetdreams_still-3

5. Sweet dreams (Debussy: ‘The fairies are exquisite dancers’) (still from video documentation)

Kesia day 1_dawn_still-1

6. Dawn (Takemitsu: ‘Rain Tree Sketch I’) (still from video documentation)

Kesia day 1_dawn_still-4 DSCF2523






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