Késia Decoté is a pianist from Vitoria, Brazil. She holds a BA (Cum laude) and Master Degree in Piano Performance from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, BR), and MA (Dist) in Contemporary Arts and Music from Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, UK).  She studied under Mr. Luiz Senise and Dr. Myrian Dauelsberg (piano), and Dr. Ray Lee (Contemporary Arts and Music).

Késia Decoté was a co-founder and member of the avant-garde Brazilian Music group PianOrquestra – 10 hands and a prepared piano, and features in their first DVD.

Késia has been developing a rich and diverse career, as piano soloist, chamber music instrumentalist, contemporary music interpreter and as a musician in theatre productions. As a soloist, Késia has performed solo piano recitals to great acclaim in cities including Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Vila Velha and São Paulo (Brazil), Aveiro (Portugal), Oxford and London (UK).

Késia has been very active in the local music scene in Oxford (2011-2012), including activities as a piano accompanist for Blackbird Leys Choir (2011- 2012) and East Oxford Community Choir (2014 – …), musical director for ‘Bad Girls-The Musical’ with Abdabs Youth Theatre (2012), pianist at Cowley Road Methodist Church, and as a member of Oxford Improvisers Orchestra.

Késia also has an interest in other art forms such as performance art, drama, video, photography, craft and installation.

Among the highlights in her interdisciplinary projects, Késia presented the project ‘A Musical Box – Three piano performances in context’ at South Park (Oxford, UK) in September 2012, which involved piano performance and installation in an outdoor context. Recently Késia has been developing interdisciplinary piano recitals exploring dialogues with lighting (‘Night – a performance for piano and light’, Oxford, March 2015) and social themes (‘for her’, Oxford, Aveiro, Rio de Janeiro, 2015).

Currently Késia Decoté is doing a PhD in Contemporary Arts and Music at Oxford Brookes University, as a CNPq scholarship holder.

‘Késia has a great sense of passion and interaction with viewers / listeners. Her work has a contemporary / classic contrast… absolutely beautiful and playful’. (A. Jempson, Oxford, UK)

‘Incrível a ‘viagem’ que Késia Decoté´ nos conduziu!’ [Such an amazing ‘journey’ that Késia Decoté led us through!’] (E. Decothé, Rio de Janeiro, BR) 

‘Last night was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to in Oxford. I was inspired.’ (A. Claxton, Oxford School of Music Principal, Oxford, UK)


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