Sun 17 June – Resonant Bodies (‘Loci’ and ‘myths & visions’)

I will be joined by dear friends dancer and choreographer Joëlle Pappas and musician and composer Bruno Guastalla in a dance and music evening at beautiful The Abbey Sutton Courtenay.

We will be performing our newly devised trio – Loci, Joëlle and Bruno will be performing their beautiful duo Traits, and I will be performing my beloved myths & visions (this may be the last performance of myths & visions in the UK, a project that is so special to me!).

This will also be my last performance as an Oxford resident, as I am moving out now with the end of my PhD. It feels so special, the end of an era, a incredible time in my life.

Come, if you can, to celebrate with us, also to support the Refugee week – donations will go towards charities which give assistance to refugees in Oxfordshire.


The Abbey Sutton Courtenay

The Abbey Sutton Courtenay
The Green
Sutton Courtenay
OX14 4AF

Suggested donation: £15


‘Tout organisme est une mélodie qui se chante elle-même.’ (Maurice Merleau-Ponty)
Working together on this piece, the ‘places’ of the title are not set positions: we inhabit the same space for a while, a space which is resonant and elastic.

Dancer and Choreographer: Joëlle Pappas
Piano: Késia Decoté, Cello/Bandoneon: Bruno Guastalla


Dancer and Choreographer: Joëlle Pappas
Music and Soundscape: Bruno Guastalla
Dramaturgy adviser: Miranda Laurence

Traits explores the attitudes and behaviour of a complex character fervently looking for a sense of coherent identity. It draws inspiration from puppetry traditions from around the world. This piece was commissioned by Dancin’Oxford and the Pegasus Theatre for Moving With The Times, 2018.

Myths and Visions

Part I
Henry Cowell – The voice of Lir, for piano [tone clusters] (1920)
                             Aeolian Harp, for piano strings (1923)
The Banshee, for piano strings (1925)
John Cage – Bacchanale, for prepared piano (1940)
Part II
Sara Carvalho – inside silence, for prepared piano and toy piano (2012)
Marisa Rezende – Miragem [Mirage], for piano and mallets (2009)
John Cage – A flower, for voice and closed piano (1950)

Performer: Késia Decoté
Movement director: Joëlle Pappas

Myths and Visions was originally conceived as part of Késia Decoté’s doctoral research at Oxford Brookes University. It combines piano performance with dance, offering an alternate experience of a classical music recital.

‘Késia Decoté takes bold risks both with her choice of repertoire and by challenging the conventions of piano performance, and she emerges triumphant.’
– Colin May, music writer (Nightshift, Oxford Times)



image and poster by Bruno Guastalla


Thurs 19 April – myths & visions at Pegasus Theatre

I am so happy to be performing myths & visions – a piano (& body) performance again! It has been nearly an year when I had this project – which as a dream – coming true, and receiving such a warm response from all who were there with me!

myths & visions combine solo piano performance and dance, offering an alternative experience of a classical music recital. I will be playing works by Henry Cowell, John Cage, Sara Carvalho and Marisa Rezende.

This performance is part of Oxford Brookes OutBurst Festival, in an evening specially curated by CARU [Contemporary Arts ReSearch Unit], making a double bill with the theatre play John Cage and Teeny Duchamp play chess in front of a Live Audience [Readymade Theatre – Austin Sherlaw-Johnson and Stavroula Kounadea].

Hope seeing you there!

Pegasus Theatre

Magdalene Road, OX4 1RE

Oxford, UK

Tickets £2.50/£1, online and on the door



Credit of Késia’s photo: Stu Allsopp

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Sat 31 March – Piano Day at Daylight Music Union Chapel

Daylight Music Piano Day 2018 will be celebrated at Union Chapel in a very special way:

Curated by the adventurous, contemporary pianist Xenia Pestova, the event showcases the instrument we know and love in a completely new light. Not one but THREE different pianos will compete for attention at Union Chapel, with performances by Eliza McCarthy, Sarah Nicolls, and Xenia Pestova. Then, in the between acts, myself and composer Omar Peracha will be performing toy piano, electronics, objects and all.

A lazy afternoon with music, tea and cake. An event for all ages. Produced by Arctic Circle. Pay-What-You-Can ticket on door (suggested donation £5.00). Midday – till 2.00pm.

at Union Chapel, Compton Terrace, N1 2UN, London, UK.

Facebook event here


March/April – Illuminate UK tour

Illuminate Women’s Music is a project set by composer Dr Angela Slater, dedicated to promote the work of women composers and performers.

We, a group of women performers, will be performing works by women composers from the past and present, including pieces written especially for the project.

The dates and places that we will be playing are:

Thursday 08 March, 6pm: University of Goldsmiths, London SE14 6NW

Friday 09 March, 7:30: St. Michael’s at Northgate, Oxford OX1 3EY

Saturday 10 March, 11am: St. Mary’s Church, Stafford ST16 2AR

Saturday 10 March, 7:30pm: St. George’s Church, Birmingham B15 3DQ

Sunday 11 March, 2pm: Cardiff University Concert Hall, CF10 3EB

Friday 20 April, 7:30: St. Luke’s Church, Brighton BN2 9ZB


You can find everything about the project, including details of dates, places, ticket bookings, information about programmes, historical composers we will be playing works by,  the team of contemporary composers and performers, in the website of the project, here.

I am so proud to be part of this project, and I hope to see you in one or some of our concerts!


Sat 16 Sept – St. John’s Smith Square Music Marathon

I am thrilled to be part of St. John’s Smith Square 12-hour Music Marathon 2017, on Saturday 16th September.

The event will be featuring concerts from 10am to 10pm, and my performance will be from 8:15pm to 8:45pm. I will be playing a beautiful and intriguing repertoire of pieces for piano and for toy piano written by contemporary women composers from Europe and the Americas. My programme is detailed below, and the full listing of performances you can find here: SJSSMarathon listing. For the Facebook event, please got to SJSSMarathon Facebook.

Come to join me! And to spread the word, please remember the hashtag #SJSSMarathon.

Free entry!

St. John’s Smith Square

Smith Square


London, UK

16 Sept 10am to 10pm

*Késia’s performance: 8:15 to 8:45pm

Késia Decoté (piano, toy pianos) plays

Contemporary Piano Music by Women Composers

Linda Catlin-Smith (born 1957, USA/ Canada): A nocturne, for solo piano (1995)

Tatiana Catanzaro (born 1976, Brazil):

Kristallklavierexplosionsschattensplitter, for piano with extended techniques (2006)

Yfat Soul Zisso (born 1987, Israel/ UK): Recollection, for toy piano (2015)

Maria Kaoutzani (born 1993, Cyprus/ USA): Lilies, for piano and singing pianist (2016)


image of my performance at the SJSS 24h-Music Marathon 2016


myths & visions – piano (& body) performance

An extended piano performance, a journey to imaginary worlds and images.

I kindly invite you to join me in this performance when I will be playing a programme of works for extended piano techniques, all inspired by myths, imaginary landscapes and illusions.

In the journey we are taking, our bodies also take active roles: piano performance is blended with elements of dance; and the spectator/participant does the transition from outdoors to indoors within the experience of the performance, and swaps seats halfway through the programme.

This is the culmination of my PhD research, and I have the honour to have choreographer, teacher and dance artist Joëlle Pappas as my movement director.

The admission is free, but there are only 12 places per evening – booking is essencial.

Please email me at to book your seat, and to receive personalised information about meeting place and how to make the most of your experience.

Hope to have you with me in this very special [culmination of a] journey!

Wednesday 21st June – 9:15pm
Thursday 22nd June – 7:25pm
Friday 23rd June – 6:00pm
Oxford Brookes University
Headington Campus
Oxford, OX3 0BP

Programme (Duration: app. 50 min)

Prelude – piano and voice improvisation

Part I – myths

Henry Cowell – The voice of Lir, for piano [tone clusters] (1920)

Aeolian Harp, for piano strings (1923)

The Banshee, for piano strings (1925)

John Cage – Bacchanale, for prepared piano (1940)

Part II – visions

Sara Carvalho – inside silence, for prepared piano and toy piano (2012)

Marisa Rezende – Miragem [Mirage], for piano and mallets (2009)

John Cage – A flower, for voice and closed piano (1950)

Obs: this event will be filmed for personal archive and research. If you have any objections to be filmed, please do not hesitate to mention it in your booking email. Also, I would love to have your anonymous written feedback at the end of the performance, but it is totally optional for you to give it or not. Finally, please be aware that the spectator will be asked to walk short distances at the beginning and halfway through the performance. If you have any mobility issues, please do let me know in your booking email, and I will make sure to offer you adequate support for your best experience possible.

Credits (with many thanks)

Késia Decoté (concept and performance), Joëlle Pappas (movement director), James Ball (lights), Charis and Ella (ushers), Stu Allsopp (photo documentation), Alex Newton (video documentation – Wednesday), John Twycross (video documentation – Thursday), Jéssica Frazão (video documentarist – Friday), Paul Medley (poster)

PianoRoberts Pianos

Special thanks: CNPq (PhD sponsorship), Ray Lee (research 1st supervisor), Paul Whitty (research supervisor and SARU financial support), Joëlle Pappas (movement director), Marisa Rezende (composer), Sara Carvalho (composer), Cláudio Thompson and PhD colleagues for insightful feedback during the creative process, and priceless friendship throughout this journey.

Oxford Improvisers invite Tom Jackson / Vid Drašler / Daniel Thompson


This Saturday 27th May, Oxford Improvisers invite Vid Drašler, Tom Jackson and Daniel Thompson. There will be some improvisations with the host group too, and I will be playing piano and maybe organ.

St Columba’s United Reformed Church,
Alfred Street,
Oxford OX1 4EH
Tickets £8 / £6 on the door

7:45 pm – 10:00 pm

Vid Drašler, Tom Jackson and Daniel Thompson met for the first time in the spring of 2016 as part of the CRAM Records residency at FriForma in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During the residency the trio had the fortune to play and record as a trio in Vrhnika, Slovenia and immediately vowed to collaborate again.

Vid Drašler :

Tom Jackson : musictomjackson.comand

Daniel Thompson :


Weds 08 March – ‘HYPNAGOGIA’


Festival Audiograft 2017  – Oxford’s Annual Festival of Experimental Music and Sonic Art


Headington Hill Hall

Oxford Brookes University dream-city-paul-klee-1921-s


A late evening performance by Késia Decoté (piano) & Bruno Guastalla (cello + bandoneon)

Hypnagogia is the experience of the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep.

Listening, falling asleep, reading a book, dreaming, being at a concert.

We encourage audience members to come and go as they please during the performance, sit, lie down or stand, according to their whims, bring cushions, blankets.

The programme includes works by Valéria Bonafé, Morton Feldman, Linda Catlin-Smith, Laurence Crane and others, and the UK premiere of ‘Byland’ by Nick Storring.


Késia Decoté is a Brazilian pianist with a rich and diverse career, as a piano soloist, chamber music instrumentalist, musician in theatre productions, and as a member of Oxford Improvisers. Késia has performed concerts to great acclaim in cities including Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Vitória and São Paulo (Brazil), Aveiro (Portugal), Oxford and London (UK). Having a special affinity for contemporary music, she has premiered works by contemporary Brazilian and British composers. Késia is interested in exploring alternative ways to shape her piano recitals, incorporating concepts from theatre and visual arts.

Bruno Guastalla‘s working life for many years has been as a maker and restorer of violins and cellos. He plays cello and bandoneon and writes music. Bruno tends to gravitate towards an ‘in-between’ improvisation, score, and experimentation. Recent projects: performance with Ryoko Akama, Jurg Frei, Manfred Werder (HCMF 2015); performances of new works by Lawrence Dunn in Cheltenham as part of Set Ensemble, and a piece by Joseph Currie with the Eyot Trio; collaboration with dancer Macarena Ortuzar (Iklectik Gallery London); and ongoing collaborations with Oxford Improvisers.
Késia’s photo credit: Stu Allsopp

Weds 11 January – Nonclassical Battle of the Bands


I am thrilled to play in Nonclassical The Battle of the Bands 2017, a showcase of the most original voices on the contemporary classical scene, from avant-garde classics to electronics and improvisation.

The line-up:
La Tache Ensemble // Késia Decoté // OUREYES Collective // Echoshed // AJAR Ensemble // Heidi Heidelberg // What Guitar Trio

Plus Nonclassical DJs, tasty craft beer and delicious burgers.

Tickets £5 (students – on the door) / £8 (advance) / £10 (on the door)

BOOK NOW // Facebook event

ps: I will be playing works by Yfat Soul Zisso and Marisa Rezende, for toy piano and for piano.

Sun 18 Sept – St. John’s Smith Square Music Marathon

This weekend St. John’s Smith Square is hosting 24 hours of  non-stop performance, open rehearsal, workshops and more. And I am thrilled to be part of it! I will be playing from 3am to 3:30am, a solo programme of contemporary Brazilian music for piano and for toy pianos. My programme is detailed below, and the full listing of performances you can find here: SJSSMarathon listing. For the Facebook event, please got to SJSSMarathon Facebook.

That will be an unique experience and, if you can come to join me, the Night Tube will be running to make it easier to get there! And to spread the word, please remember the hashtag #SJSSMarathon.

Free entry!

St. John’s Smith Square

Smith Square


London, UK

17 Sept 10am to 18Sept 10am

*Késia’s performance: 3 to 3:30am

Késia Decoté (piano, toy pianos) plays

Contemporary Brazilian Music for piano, and for toy pianos


Marisa Rezende – Miragem (Mirage), 2009

Mirage explores distortions on the piano sonority, as paraphrasing the title, by using piano extended techniques (percussing the strings of the piano with mallets, glissangi on strings, etc) alongside conventional keyboard playing. ‘It is like building a moment of doubt and anguish with its endless repetitions, and only succeeding in the search for paths when one looks into another direction – perhaps towards oneself

Valéria Bonafé – Tátil (Tactile), 2007

In Tátil, Valéria Bonafé thought her timing over: “I tried to create a sound ambient composed by sparse events, seeking more of a spatial than a temporal type of listening. The rarified atmosphere and the extended time make everything transparent. Nothing hides. Each detail requires an intensive, localised listening. The piece feels flexible, moldable. I pictured a liquid piano.”

Daniel MoreiraLudvan ven Beethowig, for two toy pianos and one player, 2009

“Ludvan ven Beethowig is entirely build with materials extracted from the (in) famous prelude Für Elise from Beethoven and deconstructs this oversaturated monument leaving little place for identification. Unfulfilled expectations perpetrate the work and transform this object, which was once so intimate to us, into an odd, not always welcome, stranger. However, there are fugitive moments where this object regains its lost resemblance and we can feel ourselves once more in a safe, familiar place. These momentary – but ephemeral – pleasures are a source of relief and apparent satisfaction… but only because they will soon be abandoned.” The music score of Ludvan von Beethowig features the indication: “as a defective CD player…”

Silvia BergEl sueño… el vuelo (The dream… the flight), 2010

El sueño… el vuelo is inspired by Frida Kahlo’s painting ‘La Columna Rota’ and the architecture of her ‘Casa Azul’. The piece was written for the collection Song of the Monarch: Women in Mexico, which has the Monarch butterfly as symbol, “as a potent metaphor for persistence and valour in a seemingly fragile body, as every year it migrates thousands of miles, finding its sanctuary in Mexico.”


* All notes were taken from the composers’ own comments: emails, music scores, personal websites and published articles