Fri 06 November – ‘Para a frente’ EP Release!

This Friday 06 November, Para a frente, my debut EP with Nonclassical is released!

Interweaving evocative piano lines with whimsical toy piano and pulsing electronics, the EP celebrates Decoté’s close collaborations with emerging composers. Taking its name from Yfat Soul Zisso‘s playful fragment for toy piano, Para a frente includes works by composers Michael TaplinAngela E SlaterOmar Peracha and Max Gibson. (Nonclassical)

Recordings are from a concert at The Holywell Music Room in Oxford last year and from a studio session at Studio Sinal Music in Brasília this year, with additional mixing by Gabriel Prokofiev.

I am really thrilled to share this amazing music which means so much to me, and through this awesome label!

Digital album available through Bandcamp.

Order your copy, enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!

Very special thanks to Bruno Guastalla for the live recordings and image of the album cover, Antonio Martins Neto for the promotional photos, and Xenia Pestova Bennett for the key encouragement, always! 💙

Sun 22 December – ‘Light, leve, luz’. Concert at The Abbey Sutton Courtenay

photo: Tiago Zortea

In Portuguese (my mother tongue), there are two different words for light; Leve meaning weightlessness and Luz meaning luminosity. In this programme, I am looking into exploring light in musical terms, referring to aspects of touch, state of being and luminosity .

The initial spark for this idea came when I was practicing Ruth Crawford’s Prelude n. 8 – Leggiero, and Schoenberg’s Little Piece Op. 19 n. 1 – Leicht, zart (Light, delicate), which are fast pieces exploring lightness of touch, and will integrate the first section of the concert.

In another section of the programme, I would like to reflect about lightness as an emotional state, as in John Palmer’s Shambhala, which refers to ‘an imaginary place of peace and happiness dwelt by enlightened people’.

Michael Taplin’s Wax Candles opens a new section in the programme connecting the theme of Leve/Luz both in regards to lightness of touch and light as a sonic colour, bringing these elements together in one piece.

The final part of the concert reflects on light as the luminous phenomenon, with Thomas Adès’ Darknesse Visible integrating this section with references to darkness, or an absence of light.

This concert is to honour the Winter Solstice, a time to renew hope with the return of light in longer days in the North Hemisphere.

This concert will be at the Great Hall at the beautiful Abbey Sutton Courtenay. Attendance is by donation at the concert. We suggest £15 for a concert of this quality but all are welcome and proceeds support the Abbey Sutton Courtenay, a registered charity. 8 – 25 years old attend free.

The Abbey Sutton Courtenay

The Green
OX14 4AF
tel: 01235 847401
Directions here

light, leve, luz

Késia Decoté – piano & toy piano


[lightness of touch]

– Arnold Schoenberg  Leicht, zart (Light, delicate) – from Six Little Piano Pieces Op. 19 (1911)
– Ben Gaunt – Light Spellsphere, for toy piano (2019)
– Ruth Crawford-Seeger –  Preludes 8 (Leggiero), for piano (1924)

[lightness of being]

– Yfat Soul Zisso – Para a frente, for toy piano (2018) 
– John Palmer – Shambhala, for piano (1990)
– Silvia Berg – El sueño… el vuelo, for piano (2010)

[light – luz]

– Michael Taplin – Wax Candles, for piano (2018)
– Yfat Soul Zisso – Full Moon, for toy piano (2019)
– Max Gibson – Night over Berstane, for toy piano & piano (2017)
– Thomas Adès – Darknesse Visible, for piano(1992)
– Marisa Rezende – Miragem, for piano (2009)

Many special thanks to Charlotte Lepport, Dylan Thomas, Michael Taplin, Yfat Soul Zisso, Graham Stabler, Bruno Guastalla and Benoît Mangili.

20 Agosto – Concerto ‘Music by my friends’ na UniRio, Brasil

Amanhã, terça-feira 20/08, eu toco no Instituto Villa-Lobos UniRio, dividindo a noite com a talentosíssima Jessica Marinho

Vai ser uma noite de diálogos entre música e afetos, amizade na e através da música de hoje. 

Eu toco o programa MusicByMyFriends, feito de peças para piano e para piano de brinquedo que surgiram a partir de, e que geraram amizades, escritas por Yfat Soul Zisso, Michael Taplin, Angela Elisabeth SlaterOmar Peracha e Marisa Rezende.

20h, grátis!!!

🇬🇧 tomorrow I play at UniRio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, presenting my project Music by my friends – music that came from/originated friendships. I will be sharing the evening with composer/flutist Jessica Marinho and her guests, in a concert dedicated to reflections on affection through/in music. 

Curadoria: Paulo Dantas

Facebook event


Music by my friends
música para piano & piano de brinquedo

– Yfat Soul Zisso (Israel/Reino Unido): Para frente*, para piano de brinquedo, 2018

– Michael Taplin (Reino Unido): Wax Candles*, para piano, 2018

– Angela Elisabeth Slater (Reino Unido): Night Mirrors*, para piano, 2017

– Omar Peracha (Reino Unido): Colour Etude II*, para um ou dois pianos de brinquedo e eletrônica iOS, 2017

– Marisa Rezende (Brasil): Miragem, para piano, 2009.

*Obras dedicadas a Késia Decoté, estreia no Brasil.

Music by my friends

‘The best thing of music is the people it brings to our lives’ (Egberto Gismonti, in a conversation).

Over the years I have been having the pleasure to have piano and toy piano works composed for me. Some times, we were friends then the composer decided to write a piece for me, some times, the composer first wrote the music, then the friendship followed the work…

In this series of concerts I will be playing a programme all made of these pieces written for me. They are going to be intimate concerts, a celebration of these encounters and friendships that music brings to us.

The first concert of the series happened in Birmingham on Saturday 23rd March.

Next dates are:

Thursday 16th May, 7:30pm at the Gamelan Room LSO St Luke’s, London (161 Old St, London EC1V 9NG. Entrance via the Artist’s door). Free, but booking is required. Tickets bookings here or through email Facebook event here.
Friday 24th May, 7:30pm at the Holywell Music Room, Oxford OX1 3SD. £8 on the door. Facebook event here

More dates to follow later in the year in Rio de Janeiro.

Hope seeing you soon!


Programme includes

– ‘Light Spellsphere’, by Ben Gaunt (world premiere)
– ‘Night Mirrors’, by Angela Elizabeth Slater Composer
– ‘Para a frente’ for toy piano, by Yfat Soul Zisso – Composer and Singer
– ‘Wax Candles’, by Michael Taplin – Composer
– ‘Peça para piano, by Paulo Dantas
– ‘Colour Etude II’ for toy piano and electronics, by Omar Peracha
– ‘Night over Berstane’ for toy piano and piano, by Max Gibson
– ‘Bonsho’ by James Albany Hoyle
– ‘Piano piece for Késia’ for piano and recorded sounds, by Austin Sherlaw-Johnson
– ‘Three pages for a pianist (for KD)’, by Martin Hackett
– (title tbc), by Daniel Puig
– ‘… times when… all there is…’ by Max Gibson

Many thanks to composers: Angela Elizabeth Slater, Austin Sherlaw-Johnson, Ben Gaunt, Daniel Puig, James Albany Hoyle, Martin Hackett, Max Gibson, Michael Taplin, Omar Peracha, Paulo Dantas, Yfat Soul Zisso

19, 20 Sept/ 02, 05 Oct – ‘Candles’, piano music by 20th & 21st century composers

* London – 19 Sept * Oxford – 20 Sept * Cardiff – 02 Oct * London – 05 Oct *

In this series of concerts, I am very delighted to present a programme pairing music by masters of the 20th century (Ruth Crawford-Seeger, Arnold Schoenberg) with talents of the 21st century based in the UK (Michael Taplin, Yfat Soul Zisso, James Albany Hoyle, Nathan Dearden, Maja Palser and Omar Peracha) and linking those worlds with the distinctive music of Kaija Saariaho and Jocy de Oliveira.

I have been curating this programme in collaboration with composers Michael Taplin and Yfat Soul Zisso, and we have been specially caring to shed a light on unfairly underperformed female composers such as Ruth Crawford-Seeger and Jocy de Oliveira. And, supporting the work of such talented emerging composers, I am very happy to have the honour to premiere the works that Michael Taplin, Yfat Soul Zisso and James Hoyle have written especially for me in this series.

The title of the recital borrows from Michael’s piece, and communicates the essence of the works of this repertoire – little brief sparkles, ethereal, very delicate, volatile, yet exquisite and vital.

We are very grateful to the RVW Trust and Hinrichsen Foundation for the support to this series. Also very special thanks to Prof. Eric Clarke (Wadham College, Oxford) and Bruno Guastalla.

Details of dates are below. I hope to see you in one or more of these dates!

Candles – piano music by 20th and 21st century composers

Wednesday 19 September, 1:05pm: St. Dunstan-in-the West Church, 186a Fleet Street, London EC4A 2HR (Free)

Thursday 20 September, 7:30pm: Holywell Music Room, Holywell Street, Oxford OX1 3SB (£8 on the door)

Tuesday 02 October, 7pm: Cardiff University Concert Hall, 31 Corbett Road, Cardiff, CF10 3EB (£5/ free for students & under 18)

Friday 05 October, 1:05pm: St. John’s Waterloo, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY (Free)

K2 b

Photo: Stu Allsopp

Poster: Bruno Guastalla

Sun 03 June – ‘Candles’ – piano recital at Music at The Limes

In Candles – piano music by 20th and 21st century composers, I present a programme pairing works by masters of the 20th century – Schoenberg and Ruth Crawford-Seeger – with talents of the 21st century based in the UK – Michael Taplin, Yfat Soul Zisso, Angela Elizabeth Slater, Max Gibson and Maja Palser – wrapping up with music by Brazilian composer Marisa Rezende (who, in my view, offers a unique transition between those worlds).

This is new recital programme for me, which I have been discussing in collaboration with composers Michael Taplin and Yfat Soul Zisso. We have been caring to shed a light on beautiful works of unjustly underrepresented composers, such as Ruth Crawford-Seeger (who was such a pioneer in her time), and  Marisa Rezende (who is an icon in Brazilian Contemporary Music but still not largely performed in the UK). Also, of course we want to promote the works of these amazingly talented young composers, as well as curating a as much gender-balanced programme as we can.

The title of the recital borrows from a new piece that Michael is writing for me, and translates what I feel when I play this repertoire – these works come like little brief sparkles, ethereal little things, very delicate, volatile, yet vital and exquisite…

This recital is the beginning of a journey, which will culminate in a series of concerts in London, Oxford and Cardiff next Autumn. Make a note in your diary!

This recital is presented within the Music at the Limes Series, with donations collected in benefit of Exuberant-Trust for the support of young artists in Oxfordshire.

Sunday 03 June 2018


The Pavilion at The Limes

Standlake, Oxfordshire OX29 7RH

Free entry (donations – preferably gift-aided)




– A. Schoenberg (1874-1951) – 1. Light, tender [from Six little piano pieces Op. 19, 1911]

– Angela Elizabeth Slater (1989) – Night Mirrors (2017)

– A. Schoenberg – 2. Slow

                                3. Very slow [from Six little piano pieces Op. 19]

– Yfat Soul Zisso (1987) – Recollection, for toy piano (2015)

– A. Schoenberg – 4. Quick but light

                                5. Somewhat quick [from Six little piano pieces Op. 19]

– Max Gibson (1992) – times when… all there is… (2017)

– A. Schoenberg – 6. Very slow [from Six little piano pieces Op. 19]



– Ruth Crawford-Seeger (1901-1953) – 6. Andante Mystico

8. Leggiero

[from Four Preludes for Piano, 1927-28]

– Maja Palser (1984) – a cry (2015)

– Michael Taplin (1991) – Wax Candles (2018) [in six sections] *pre-premiere

– Marisa Rezende (1944) – Miragem [Mirage] (2009)

KESIA FLYER 3.6.18 Music at The Limes