Sat 16 May – Daylight Savings, online/Union Chapel London

On Saturday 16 May 2020 I had the joy to be featured in the first edition of Daylight Savings, with a newly released video of my performance of Marisa Rezende’s Miragem at Daylight Music in March 2019. Daylight Savings is the new virtual home of Daylight Music during the self-isolation period that we are in, due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Daylight Savings
For the time being Daylight Music and its spiritual home of Islington’s Union Chapel can only exist in our collective experiences.

But what memories we have! Maybe you remember the bite of the crisp morning air, as you queue outside talking or nodding to friendly and familiar faces? Or maybe you recall entering the chapel and the earthy smell of the pews? The temptations of the merch desk? Sitting down taking in the vastness of the space and how music slowing seems to vibrate around and through you? Or just the comforting feeling of wrapping your hands around a warm mug of hot choc and letting the week’s worries drift away!

We cannot for the moment welcome you into our safe, family-friendly space, but we’d like you to re-imagine our musical club from the comfort of your own home starting this week with our new virtual Daylight Saving series.Join Daylight Music producer and introducer Ben Eshmade on a special curated journey each week into our archive with video new and old each Saturday, from midday to 2pm. We’d ask you to provide your own music, tea & cake for this journey and to contribute your thoughts, opinions and memories on twitter or Instagram via @daylight_music and #daylightmusic.

A big thank you to Foliage Films, Huske Media and the whole video team new and old for capturing these moments.

Daylight Savings 16.05.2020 Hour 1 playlist:

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