Sun 03 June – ‘Candles’ – piano recital at Music at The Limes

In Candles – piano music by 20th and 21st century composers, I present a programme pairing works by masters of the 20th century – Schoenberg and Ruth Crawford-Seeger – with talents of the 21st century based in the UK – Michael Taplin, Yfat Soul Zisso, Angela Elizabeth Slater, Max Gibson and Maja Palser – wrapping up with music by Brazilian composer Marisa Rezende (who, in my view, offers a unique transition between those worlds).

This is new recital programme for me, which I have been discussing in collaboration with composers Michael Taplin and Yfat Soul Zisso. We have been caring to shed a light on beautiful works of unjustly underrepresented composers, such as Ruth Crawford-Seeger (who was such a pioneer in her time), and  Marisa Rezende (who is an icon in Brazilian Contemporary Music but still not largely performed in the UK). Also, of course we want to promote the works of these amazingly talented young composers, as well as curating a as much gender-balanced programme as we can.

The title of the recital borrows from a new piece that Michael is writing for me, and translates what I feel when I play this repertoire – these works come like little brief sparkles, ethereal little things, very delicate, volatile, yet vital and exquisite…

This recital is the beginning of a journey, which will culminate in a series of concerts in London, Oxford and Cardiff next Autumn. Make a note in your diary!

This recital is presented within the Music at the Limes Series, with donations collected in benefit of Exuberant-Trust for the support of young artists in Oxfordshire.

Sunday 03 June 2018


The Pavilion at The Limes

Standlake, Oxfordshire OX29 7RH

Free entry (donations – preferably gift-aided)




– A. Schoenberg (1874-1951) – 1. Light, tender [from Six little piano pieces Op. 19, 1911]

– Angela Elizabeth Slater (1989) – Night Mirrors (2017)

– A. Schoenberg – 2. Slow

                                3. Very slow [from Six little piano pieces Op. 19]

– Yfat Soul Zisso (1987) – Recollection, for toy piano (2015)

– A. Schoenberg – 4. Quick but light

                                5. Somewhat quick [from Six little piano pieces Op. 19]

– Max Gibson (1992) – times when… all there is… (2017)

– A. Schoenberg – 6. Very slow [from Six little piano pieces Op. 19]



– Ruth Crawford-Seeger (1901-1953) – 6. Andante Mystico

8. Leggiero

[from Four Preludes for Piano, 1927-28]

– Maja Palser (1984) – a cry (2015)

– Michael Taplin (1991) – Wax Candles (2018) [in six sections] *pre-premiere

– Marisa Rezende (1944) – Miragem [Mirage] (2009)

KESIA FLYER 3.6.18 Music at The Limes



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