Sun 18 Sept – St. John’s Smith Square Music Marathon

This weekend St. John’s Smith Square is hosting 24 hours of  non-stop performance, open rehearsal, workshops and more. And I am thrilled to be part of it! I will be playing from 3am to 3:30am, a solo programme of contemporary Brazilian music for piano and for toy pianos. My programme is detailed below, and the full listing of performances you can find here: SJSSMarathon listing. For the Facebook event, please got to SJSSMarathon Facebook.

That will be an unique experience and, if you can come to join me, the Night Tube will be running to make it easier to get there! And to spread the word, please remember the hashtag #SJSSMarathon.

Free entry!

St. John’s Smith Square

Smith Square


London, UK

17 Sept 10am to 18Sept 10am

*Késia’s performance: 3 to 3:30am

Késia Decoté (piano, toy pianos) plays

Contemporary Brazilian Music for piano, and for toy pianos


Marisa Rezende – Miragem (Mirage), 2009

Mirage explores distortions on the piano sonority, as paraphrasing the title, by using piano extended techniques (percussing the strings of the piano with mallets, glissangi on strings, etc) alongside conventional keyboard playing. ‘It is like building a moment of doubt and anguish with its endless repetitions, and only succeeding in the search for paths when one looks into another direction – perhaps towards oneself

Valéria Bonafé – Tátil (Tactile), 2007

In Tátil, Valéria Bonafé thought her timing over: “I tried to create a sound ambient composed by sparse events, seeking more of a spatial than a temporal type of listening. The rarified atmosphere and the extended time make everything transparent. Nothing hides. Each detail requires an intensive, localised listening. The piece feels flexible, moldable. I pictured a liquid piano.”

Daniel MoreiraLudvan ven Beethowig, for two toy pianos and one player, 2009

“Ludvan ven Beethowig is entirely build with materials extracted from the (in) famous prelude Für Elise from Beethoven and deconstructs this oversaturated monument leaving little place for identification. Unfulfilled expectations perpetrate the work and transform this object, which was once so intimate to us, into an odd, not always welcome, stranger. However, there are fugitive moments where this object regains its lost resemblance and we can feel ourselves once more in a safe, familiar place. These momentary – but ephemeral – pleasures are a source of relief and apparent satisfaction… but only because they will soon be abandoned.” The music score of Ludvan von Beethowig features the indication: “as a defective CD player…”

Silvia BergEl sueño… el vuelo (The dream… the flight), 2010

El sueño… el vuelo is inspired by Frida Kahlo’s painting ‘La Columna Rota’ and the architecture of her ‘Casa Azul’. The piece was written for the collection Song of the Monarch: Women in Mexico, which has the Monarch butterfly as symbol, “as a potent metaphor for persistence and valour in a seemingly fragile body, as every year it migrates thousands of miles, finding its sanctuary in Mexico.”


* All notes were taken from the composers’ own comments: emails, music scores, personal websites and published articles



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