casa – reflections on house & home

‘[The house] is the human being’s first world’. (G. Bachelard)

‘Casa’ in Portuguese (my mother tongue) can mean both house and home.
In this project, I kindly invite you to join me in reflections about ‘casa’ – house/home, an exploration of its dynamics and space through a journey of memories, thoughts and dreams.
This work is inspired by Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space and features a programme of contemporary Brazilian music. I play pianos (upright and grand), toy pianos, and piano and live electronics.
There will be only 15 places available per evening, so we can enjoy a greater intimacy. Please email me at to book your place. As I would like you to feel free to move around, there will be no seats for the audience. However, if you need special assistance, please don’t hesitate to mention it on your booking email.
As this project is part of my PhD research, I may ask you to answer a short feedback questionnaire anonymously at the end of the performance. However, it is absolute fine if you prefer not to. Also the event will be photo and video documented for my own archive and research – please let me know if you have any objections. If you want to follow the documentation of the research/creative process, please click here.
I hope to have you there sharing the precious moments with me. Come, and make yourself at home.
Thursday 21st January – 7pm
Friday 22nd January – 8:30pm
Free admission
booking: (only 15 persons per evening)
Obs: (there are no audience seats for this performance. However, if you need special assistance, please let us know on your booking email. Duration: app. 40 min)


  1. Memories (‘Life begins well, it begins enclosed, protected, all warm in the bosom of the house’)  Tátil [Tactile] (2007), 7’30’ by Valéria Bonafé
  2. Echoes (‘…the old house, for those who know how to listen, is a sort of geometry of echoes’)  Ressonâncias [Resonances] (1983), 6’15, by Marisa Rezende
  3. Corners (‘When we recall the hours we have spent in our corners, we remember above all silence, the silence of our thoughts’) – Nenhum, Nenhuma [None, None] (2010), 5’20, by Gustavo Penha
  4. The attic (‘… even when the attic room is lost and gone there remains the fact that we once loved a garret, once lived in an attic’) – Ludvan ven Beethowig (2009), for two toy pianos and one player, 4’20, by Daniel Moreira
  5. The cellar (‘… the dark entity of the house… When we dream there, we are in harmony with the irrationality of the depths’) – gosto de terra [it tastes like earth] (2013), for piano and live electronics, 7’ (min), by Daniel Puig
  6. Love, Intimacy, and Dream (‘ [the house] bespeaks intimacy…  ‘The house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace’) – El sueño… el vuelo [The dream… the flight] (2010), 6’40, by Silvia Berg


Special thanks: CNPq (PhD sponsorship), Paul Whitty/ SARU (project support), Ray Lee and Sarah Nicolls (research supervision), Joel Horwood (Dramaturgy consultancy), Rob Drummer (Dramaturgy consultancy), Brett Gordon (electronics technician), Russell Anderson (Drama Studio), Nomi Everall (early Dramaturgy consultancy), Paul Medley (poster), Roberts Pianos, C&L Scaffolding LtdaBruno Guastalla,
The Albion Beatnik Bookshop, Dennis Harrison, Alci and Brasilina Rodrigues, all the composers mentioned on the programme.

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