Thurs 23 July – “for her” and Brazilian Contemporary Music at Wesley Memorial

I am delighted to be back to the Lunchtime Concerts Series at Wesley Memorial Church for a solo performance on Thursday 23rd July.

I will have the pleasure to present my dear “for her” project, plus doing the first performance in the UK of works by two of the leading Brazilian contemporary composers: Silvia Berg and Marisa Rezende.

Silvia Berg’s El sueño… el vuelo is inspired by Frida Kahlo’s painting ‘La Columna Rota’ and the architecture of her ‘Casa Azul’. The piece was written for the collection Song of the Monarch: Women in Mexico, which has the Monarch butterfly as symbol, as ‘a potent metaphor for persistence and valour in a seemingly fragile body, as every year it migrates thousands of miles, finding its sanctuary in Mexico’ (S.B.).

According to Marisa Rezende herself, her Mirage ‘explores distortions on the piano sonority by using piano extended techniques – percussing the strings of the piano with mallets, glissandi on strings, etc – alongside conventional keyboard playing, which paraphrases the title of the piece itself’. ‘It is like building a moment of doubt and anguish with its endless repetitions, and finally succeeding  in the search for paths only when one looks into another direction – perhaps towards oneself…” (M. L.)

I hope to see you there at the concert. And feel free to bring your little doll to join the others in the venue, if you wish.

Ah, it’s free!

12:45 – 1:30pm

Wesley Memorial Church

New Inn Hall Street
OX1 2DH 

kesia concert

poster: Andrea Triana (with many thanks)


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