Thurs 05 September – Solo Piano Concert

I will be doing my first solo concert after my return to Brazil on Thursday 05 September at Primeira Igreja Batista do Rio de Janeiro, on the ‘Música de Primeira’ Serie!

The program was inspired by night images and scenes of the countryside, as a subjective story of someone who went on a journey of night contemplation and ended up meeting interesting people in the countryside on the following day.

I will have the honour of doing the Brazilian premiere of Efthymios Chatzigiannis‘ piece ‘Auditory Rainbows’, for piano and resonating glasses.

I hope to see you there to join me in this ‘journey’!

19h30 (BRT)

Primeira Igreja Batista do Rio de Janeiro

Rua Frei Caneca, 525

20211-020, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

(Estácio Metrô station)

Free admission

Live streaming:


C. Debussy (FR) – Prelude (from the ‘Pour Le Piano’ suite) (1901)

H. Villa-Lobos (BR) – Three Maries (1959)

  1. Alnitah
  2. Alnilam
  3. Mintika

T. Takemitsu (JP) – Rain Tree Sketch 1 (1982)

Henry Cowell (US) – Aeolian Harp (1923)

E. Chatzigiannis (GRE/UK) – Auditory Rainbows (2010) – for piano and resonating glasses (Brazilian premiere) – with special guest Paulo Dantas on electronics

H. Villa-Lobos (BR) – Floral Suíte (1918)

  1. Idyll in the hammock
  2. A singing country girl
  3. Joy in the garden

A. Ginastera (ARG) – Three Argentine Dances (1937)

  1. Dance of the old herdsman
  2. Dance of the beautiful maiden
  3. Dance of the arrogant cowboy



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