24 days challenge – temper it!


Last week I started a game, just as an exercise to keep my sight-reading up as well as an strategy to get some insights for my own self.

There you have the ‘rules’. Feel free to follow my new little adventure!

– A Bach’s Prelude & Fugue (from the Well-Tempered Clavier book 1) sight-reading a day.

– Then, as I read it, or right after doing it, think about a Biblical figure and a nice characteristic of this person’s ‘temper’.

I (C Major) – 08/07/2013, Mary (so obvious! because she was quietly faithful all the time)
II (C minor) – 11/07/2013, Jehoshaphat (because when in danger he chose the best strategy: ‘he cried out to the Lord, and the Lord helped him)
III (C# Major) – 12/07/2013, Samson (because I have this sense that he had no clue of anything. He was born with that amazing gift, people expected lots of him, and that was it. So, he did well, and he did rubbish. At the very end, after a very clumsy path, he went back to his ‘tonic’, and had a grand finale)
IV (C# minor) – 17/07/2013, Joseph (the funky coloured jacket guy) (because he kept lighthearted even when the context too confusing to distinguish the ‘subject’ behind everything.)

V (D Major) – 18/07/2013, Ruth (the beautiful one) (because she didn’t care about ‘living her life’, ‘doing her things’, etc. Instead, she was faithful and patience with her old mother-in-law. And as a surprising reward, she married a king afterwards!)

VI (D minor) – 19/07/2013, Abraham (because, although sometimes he got scared, he is still our Faith Hero!)

VII ((Eb Major) – 22/07/2013, Jacob (also known as Israel) (because he started cheating (naught us!), then he decided to do things right, and sometimes things changed unexpectedly, but as he was steady, everything was alright at the end)

VIII (Eb minor/ D#minor) – 24/07/2013, Simon/Peter (yes, he also had his name changed, but was still the same person for some time… and when he walked over the waves – aloha! – he could realize that sometimes the difference between impossible and possible is staying focused on the right ‘thing’)

IX (E Major) – 27/07/2013, the blind guy from Bethsaida (because sometimes it is just a matter of having a second glance)

X (E minor) – 30/07/2013, Mary Magdalen (because she found out she was worth being loved)

XI (F Major) –  31/07/2013, Lydia (because she was faithful and generous with her resources)

XII (F minor) – 01/08/2013, Timothy (because it seems he appeared in the world just to be recipient of love: from his mom, from his granny and from his mentor Paul. And we benefit very much from it!)

XIII (F# Major) – 02/08/2013, Gideon (because he was scared at first, and wasn’t ashamed of asking over and over until he got more confident to do his task)

XIV (F# minor) – 03/08/2013, Samuel (because when still a boy he heard to that little voice talking to him on his sleep

XV (G Major) – 06/08/2013, Elizabeth (because she lived one of the happiest moments of History when she got old, and she was a very sweet cousin)

XVI (G minor) – 07/08/2013, Rebekah (because she was a pretty girl and very kind as well. To any and everyone)

XVII (G Major) – 09/08/2013, Simeon from Jerusalem, a righteous man (because he lived his daily routine quietly and faithfully, waiting, until he could hold the Salvation in his own arms

XVIII (G# minor) – 10/08/2013, Joshua (It wasn’t sight reading… and Joshua had already been brave before, and had had a good leader to mirror)

XIX (A Major) – 12/08/2013, Moses (because ‘he was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth’)

XX (A minor) – 13/08/2013, Esther (because she only got one shot. And she didn’t waste it)

XXI (Bb Major) – 14/08/2013, Enoch (It wasn’t sight reading. And he walked with God)

XXII (Bb minor) – 15/08/2013, Paul (because his ‘race’ wasn’t the easiest one. But it was totally worth)

XXIII (B Major) – 16/08/2013, Jonathan (because he was such a faithful friend!)

XXIV (B minor) – 17/08/2013, Jeremiah (because in his lamentations, he remembered to call to mind The Love, therefore he had hope)


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